Business Marketing Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the cultivation and harvesting of data, the analysis of which provides meaningful, actionable, and competitive insight. Today we expect our competitors are examining data and know that those who do, will “win”, and those who do not will wonder: “What happened?”. Today’s world has changed into a race to understand everything we can about our audiences, to cater to them, understand their needs, and solve their problems proactively.

By providing useful, relevant and actionable data on every customer who uses your website, business intelligence works to foster and maintain the customer’s interest in your product or service. It works well as a strategy in combination with measures such as SEMand PPC advertising, which work to bring prospective customers to your website in the first place.


Who can get it?

Designed to be handset-perfect for both iPhone and Android the rich media execution deploys comprehensive functionality to beat any mobile web page. With comprehensive performance in a wide number of verticals, the Rich Media Text is a proven engagement tool for delivering superior results.

Measurable marketing

For analytics buffs, we load each RMT message with event tracking. This allows clients to identify when each message has been engaged with, the recipient phone’s operating system and the ability to measure overall performance. Marketers have the information at hand to build a demographic portrait of their customer’s handsets.

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